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Historical Event 

International Instructor Course & Grading Tunisia  

10th & 11th of June 2022 

IIC 155, Hammamet, Tunisia

After a long period of preparation and a period of waiting, with setbacks due to political situations and also due to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the existing plan to hold an IIC in Tunisia for the Arabic speaking member countries could finally be carried out.

This first course was conducted by Grand Master Pierre Laquerre, member of the ITF Technical committee at the Hotel EL Fell, a very popular tourist destination in Hammamet. The ITF President Grand Master Weiler & Vice President Grand Master Daher were there marking this milestone in the development of the region. There were members (just black belts) from Algeria (11), Lebanon (1), Libya (8) , Morocco (2) & Tunisia (17) in attendance, however, the different prerequisites could not be greater. From newcomers (as far as ITF techniques are concerned) to very experienced participants, the entire range was represented. One thing can be said for sure - the willingness to learn was huge.


On the first day Grand Master Laquerre worked with the members on basic movements up to Won-Hyo , sine wave, kicking techniques & courtesy of Taekwon-do and protocols. This training went for 3 hours.


The second day started by Grand Master Laquerre with dynamic flexibility, core and leg muscle workouts, followed by higher patterns, step-sparring and self – defense techniques.





The conclusion was the scheduled Dan examination. The two candidates from Algeria, who passed the examination for 4th Dan showed an impressive and good performance, which fully convinced the two examiners GM Laquerre and GM Daher. After an hour of examination, the two exhausted but satisfied could accept the congratulations of the examiners.

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