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Grand Master Michael Daher IX

Integrity is everything

Grand Master Daher has been working around the World promoting the ITF since 2000. He is one of the ITF Vice Presidents and a member of the ITF Asian Development team. Founder of the Central Arab Taekwon-Do Federation.


Seminars and Training

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Weight Training & Taekwon-do

It is very important to incorporate weight training into our Taekwon-Do training, after a certain age the muscles in our bodies start to weaken.  Without the proper weight training we incur injury. This affects our capability, motivation and performance level. 

The benefits of weight training with Taekwon-do include increasing flexibility, speed and strengthening your muscles at the same time avoiding injury. 

Grand Master Daher has created a program for light weight training in Taekwon-do, this was created due to his own personal experience with injury, he wanted to discover a way to repair his injury without stopping training, so that he could continue to practice Taekwon-Do with a passion.  

One on one training is available 


Book a seminar

Grand Master Daher travels around Australia and the world conducting black belt technical and pattern seminars. 


Black belt Gradings

Grand Master Daher travels the country conducting blackbelt degree gradings. He also travels to the Middle East and Asia to do these gradings.

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